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Recent Publications

  • The Sutton Years at ZSR
    Author(s): Susan Smith


    Light the corners of my mind

    Misty water-colored memories

    Of the way we were...

  • Jacob's Ladder
    Author(s): Laura Wilson

    Laura Stringfellow Wilson is the author of four children's and young adult books including JACOB'S LADDER. She lives in Chicago, Illinois. Her poetry has been published by the University of Illinois; she won the Ernest Hemingway Short Story Award from the University of Florida. A retired teacher and social worker, she is a guest lecturer for Black History and Hispanic months in Lake County Schools.


    JACOB'S LADDER is the story of two children who may have lived in Illinois in pre-Civil War times.

  • Quite Happy
    Author(s): LC Williams


    Lamaya Covington Williams, aka LC Williams, has received awards for her writing, including the 2001 A. D. Ward medal from Wake Forest University. Her work has appeared in the Wake Forest University Philomathesian and Can-I-Poet-With-You? series, as well as The Winston-Salem Journal and other publications.

    She has been guest lecturer at Bennett College, Wake Forest University and The University of Florida. She teaches humanities at Forsyth Technical Community College.

    A print edition of this book is available here.

  • Ros-en-velopes
    Author(s): WFU Hanes Art Gallery
    Author(s): Barnes, Bernadine

    How to use this e-book

    This e-book is your basic textbook for Art 103.  I would suggest downloading the files to your own computer so you can use them offline. However, there are many links to larger images, videos, etc. that you can only use when you are connected to the internet.  

    Bullet points will lead you to videos, articles, and other websites with further information or activities to reinforce your learning.  Generally these are optional activities unless I tell you otherwise in class.

    Bold type is used for terms you should know.

    Links (underlined and in blue/purple font) in the captions to illustrations or within the text will take you to larger images or the site for the museum where the piece is held.  Often the museum site will have more information.

    Start by reading the chapters below...

  • Forestry 101

    This ebook edition of FORESTRY 101 is meant to complement the printed book sent out upon your decision to become a Deacon, and to replicate the information provided at

    Should there be any important changes or updates to the material in this ebook or on the website(s), we will alert you to such changes through your WFU Google Mail account. Therefore, we recommend you get into the habit of checking this email account regularly over the summer at

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    It’s new, exciting, and somewhat anxiety-inducing, and it starts right now. Never forget to enjoy every minute of it. 

    You’ve arrived. Slap on the bumper sticker. Wear the t-shirt. Lose yourself in school spirit.

    You might not know them yet, but you’re among friends.

    Read this ebook.