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  • Johann Nestroy: Aphorisms, Ditties, and Deliberations From His Plays
    Author(s): Translations by Herbert Czermak


    ~ These Translations Are Dedicated To The Memory Of Maria Verber ~


    Though Nestroy typically needed only the flimsiest structure with a minimum of tension to hang his gags and skits on, it is still infinitely more difficult to do justice to a translation if considerations of dialog, shifting levels of speech, the interaction between characters, or of plot structure enter into the picture.Even so, I have not been able to cope with some of Nestroy´s strokes of genius, sometimes also because the original flavor has evaporated on their paths from the stage to the page and through time.But even if one side should come out more clearly in your imagination than the other, remember that a translation can best be appreciated by those familiar with both sides.

    -- Herbert Czmerak,


    Herbert Czermak, an Austrian academic partly schooled in America, has translated with wit and grace an enticing sampler of reflections, bon mots, and witticisms (some light, some very dark) from the plays of one of the premier dramatists of the 19th c sprachraum. Nestroy's humanity shines through these selections. As well, the translator's comprehensive gifts in German and English make for clear and powerful reading to a German or an English language audience. Some of the best literary efforts are those -- applying Austen and her technique of a "bit of ivory" -- which aim deep and not wide. Such is this delightful volume. The translator's taste and command impressively draw us into Nestroy's world.

    --Tom Phillips, Wake Forest University,



    A print edition of this book is available from, here.


    A print edition of this book is also available from, here.


  • Research Like a Librarian: Accessing Information in the 21st Century
    Author(s): ZSR Library Faculty

    About the Authors

    Oats&Tea @ TechXploration

    • Lauren Pressley, Instructional Design Librarian, designed the framework for the book, identified specific requirements for an e-book for LIB100 at Wake Forest University, developed the model we can use for the program, and contributed chapters.
    • Craig Fansler, Preservation Librarian, contributed a chapter on finding and using copyright free images in research papers; traditional and digital preservation.
    • Kevin Gilbertson, Web Services Librarian, investigated open source themes and plugins and contributed a chapter on web technologies (RSS, APIs, etc) and information access.
    • Rebecca Petersen, Library Specialist, investigated interactive modules that students could participate in, and wrote a chapter on the research process.
    • Kaeley McMahan, Reference and Instruction Librarian–Arts, collaborated on finalizing the project and contributed a chapter on the research process.
    • Gretchen Edwards, Cisco Fellow, collaborated with the faculty team to provided technical assistance, and provided a recent student perspective on how students will make use of the book functionality.
    • Audra Eagle Yun, Librarian, Project Archivist, explored existing e-book models (including open source), investigated how to embed historical content in an e-book, and contributed a chapter about historical research methodologies.
    • Other chapter authors include Mary Scanlon, Ellen Daugman,Molly Keener, Mary Beth Lock, and Ellen Makaravage.


    A web-based version of this book may be found here:


  • The Winter Sleep of Captain Lemass
    Author(s): Harry Clifton
    Keyword(s): Irish Poetry

    In this new, deeply meditative and wide-ranging collection, Harry Clifton brings his extraordinary poetic and intellectual gifts to bear on the present state of Irish culture. These are both personal and public reflections (on love, marriage, middle age and history) that stake his claim as one of the most significant Irish poets now writing.

    This collection follows Secular Eden: Paris Notebooks 1994-2004, published by Wake Forest University Press in 2007, which won the Irish Times Poetry Now Award.

    Harry Clifton was born in Dublin, but has lived in Africa and Asia, and throughout Europe. He has published six collections of poems, including The Liberal Cage (1988) and The Desert Route: Selected Poems 1973–1988 (1992). In addition to the Irish Times Poetry Now Award, he has received the Patrick Kavanagh Award, and two Arts Council Bursaries in Literature, among others.

    Clifton is a member of Aosdána, and lives in Dublin with his wife, fiction writer Deirdre Madden.


  • With Gratitude: The Power of a Thank You Note
    Author(s): Jennifer Richwine

    Jennifer Richwine has written thousands of thank you notes (and received her fair share) through the last twenty-one years of her professional career, in sales, conference planning, marketing and admissions for a girls' boarding school, and planning and executing the signature events for Wake Forest University. Her reputation for writing memorable and timely thank you notes over the years led to her development of her talk "The Art and the Power of the Thank You Note" that she has given to various groups at universities, churches and professional organizations. Jennifer currently is the Executive Director of the Washington DC Office for Wake Forest University. 


    For information on speaking engagements, or to share your own stories about the power of thank you notes, please contact the author directly at




  • Speech Lessons
    Author(s): John Montague
    Keyword(s): Irish Poetry

    One of the most beloved voices in all of Ireland, John Montague is a master. Speech Lessons depicts the many ways in which a voice may be silenced, as well as released. Autobiographical poems reveal both his personal history and his country's, with humor, nostalgia, disappointment and affection, and more than a "titter of wit."

    John Montague has never forgotten the mysteries of language or the lessons we encounter in the life-long process of learning how to speak. Sometimes that speech is a remembering of childhood innocence or disappointment; sometimes it’s the division from the self, the whisperings of a cloven tongue, the pangs of self-consciousness. In Speech Lessons, the poet masterfully expresses his thoughts on religion, art and culture, as well as family, provincial and national history.

  • perlas en el cuello
    Author(s): catherine beeckman
    Keyword(s): spanish

    Una antología de cuentos, poemas, ensayos,
    recuentos de lo vivido, testimonios, escrita por muyeres
    del mundo entero
    y reunidos por Catherine Beeckman

    perlas en el cuello


    Catherine Beeckman nació en Bélgica en 1962.
    Pasó su infancia y su adolescencia en varios países: sus recuerdos tienen raíces
    profundas en África y en America del Sur.
    Catherine se gradúo en Semiológia en la Universidad Católica de Louvain en
    1983. Sus estudios concluidos, vivió en 11 países, repartidos entre África, Asia,
    Europa y las dos Américas. Su amor por los idiomas, las culturas y la gente le
    instigó aprender 6 lenguas. Catherine enseño y se dedicó a varios programas
    de ayuda humanitaria en los países donde tuvo residencia. Está casada, tiene
    cinco hijos de 23 a 5 años de edad; ellos también pasean por los cuatro puntos
    cardinales del globo!