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Recent Publications

  • advanced reading copy of as yet untitled thank you note book
    Author(s): jennifer richwine

    Dear Preview Reader,


    You have been selected to preview this Advanced Reading Copy edition of my forthcoming book -- please read over these pages, and feel free to comment back to me any suggestions, comments, questions, or concerns. 


    And here's a form you can use to send me feedback about the book


    Thank you, thank you very much,


    Jennifer Richwine,


    PS, oh, and look for the official "first editon" of this important tome to be published soon, in Fall 2014!


    PPS, if you want to buy a Print-on-Demand copy, click here


  • Publishing in the Forest, A Digital Toolkit
    Author(s): Digital Publishing @ Wake

    “It is a time when one’s spirit is subdued and sad, one knows not why; when the past seems a storm-swept desolation, life a vanity and a burden, and the future but a way to death. It is a time when one is filled with vague longings; when one dreams of flight to peaceful islands in the remote solitudes of the sea, or folds his hands and says, What is the use of struggling, and toiling and worrying any more?” 
    --Mark Twain, THE GILDED AGE


    Finally, the answer to the question:  what is digital publishing anyway?



  • Forestry 101

    This ebook edition of FORESTRY 101 is meant to complement the printed book sent out upon your decision to become a Deacon, and to replicate the information provided at

    Should there be any important changes or updates to the material in this ebook or on the website(s), we will alert you to such changes through your WFU Google Mail account. Therefore, we recommend you get into the habit of checking this email account regularly over the summer at

    Use your Wake Forest username and password to access both your WFU Google Mail account as well as the Wake Information Network (WIN). If you need your Wake Forest account information, please contact Admissions at or 336.758.5201.

    WIN is the administrative system used by students to register for classes, update contact information, and access student accounts. You can access WIN by using your Wake Forest username and password at


    It’s new, exciting, and somewhat anxiety-inducing, and it starts right now. Never forget to enjoy every minute of it. 

    You’ve arrived. Slap on the bumper sticker. Wear the t-shirt. Lose yourself in school spirit.

    You might not know them yet, but you’re among friends.

    Read this ebook.

  • PDC Annual Report
  • Developing School Counseling Programs, 3rd edition
    Author(s): Donna A. Henderson and Debra C. Cobia

    Donna Henderson and Debra Cobia present...


    Advanced Reading Copy of...


  • ZSRx Tweets: The Transcripts
    Author(s): Laura J. Chin

    Whether you're a newcomer to Twitter or a longtime veteran of the Twitterverse, this fun, three-week course will engage you in a discussion on how we use the ubiquitous micro-blogging service in our personal and professional lives. No experience with Twitter is necessary!


    Please enjoy responsibly.