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Recent Publications

  • Resolutions
    Author(s): Shirene Gentry

    Now is the time to be resolute in your personal journey with God. It will not occur by happenstance or default. It’s not about checking off another “rule” or item on your “to do” list; rather, it’s all about your choice to take your relationship with God to a higher level, whether you are an unbeliever, a new believer, or a seasoned sister!


  • test
  • Unbroken Circle Concert Poster
  • Provost's Newsletter, December 2014
    Author(s): WFU Provost's Office
  • Leadership and Service: The Making and Remaking of Alpha Phi Alpha
    Author(s): Gregory S. Parks

    In 1929, Brother Dr. Charles Harris Wesley published his path-breaking history of African American, collegiate-based fraternal life—The History of Alpha Phi Alpha: A Development of Negro College Life. In those pages, and in subsequent editions of the Fraternity’s history, Brother Wesley tells a story, in large part, about the many men—and some women—who helped make Alpha Phi Alpha great. Countless of these individuals are nothing more than names associated with offices or committees or events or places. The reader is left to wonder: who are these individuals; what are their, respective, stories? It is my hope that this book answers those questions for some of those individuals—that it provides some context to who the individuals are who sacrificed and served to move Alpha Phi Alpha toward what the Jewels envisioned the Fraternity to be.

    -- Gregory S. Parks, J.D., Ph.D., Wake Forest University School of Law


  • Johann Nestroy: Aphorisms, Ditties, and Deliberations From His Plays
    Author(s): Translations by Herbert Czermak


    ~ These Translations Are Dedicated To The Memory Of Maria Verber ~


    Though Nestroy typically needed only the flimsiest structure with a minimum of tension to hang his gags and skits on, it is still infinitely more difficult to do justice to a translation if considerations of dialog, shifting levels of speech, the interaction between characters, or of plot structure enter into the picture.Even so, I have not been able to cope with some of Nestroy´s strokes of genius, sometimes also because the original flavor has evaporated on their paths from the stage to the page and through time.But even if one side should come out more clearly in your imagination than the other, remember that a translation can best be appreciated by those familiar with both sides.

    -- Herbert Czmerak,


    Herbert Czermak, an Austrian academic partly schooled in America, has translated with wit and grace an enticing sampler of reflections, bon mots, and witticisms (some light, some very dark) from the plays of one of the premier dramatists of the 19th c sprachraum. Nestroy's humanity shines through these selections. As well, the translator's comprehensive gifts in German and English make for clear and powerful reading to a German or an English language audience. Some of the best literary efforts are those -- applying Austen and her technique of a "bit of ivory" -- which aim deep and not wide. Such is this delightful volume. The translator's taste and command impressively draw us into Nestroy's world.

    --Tom Phillips, Wake Forest University,



    A print edition of this book is available from, here.


    A print edition of this book is also available from, here.