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Recent Publications

  • Speech Lessons
    Author(s): John Montague
    Keyword(s): Irish Poetry

    One of the most beloved voices in all of Ireland, John Montague is a master. Speech Lessons depicts the many ways in which a voice may be silenced, as well as released. Autobiographical poems reveal both his personal history and his country's, with humor, nostalgia, disappointment and affection, and more than a "titter of wit."

    John Montague has never forgotten the mysteries of language or the lessons we encounter in the life-long process of learning how to speak. Sometimes that speech is a remembering of childhood innocence or disappointment; sometimes it’s the division from the self, the whisperings of a cloven tongue, the pangs of self-consciousness. In Speech Lessons, the poet masterfully expresses his thoughts on religion, art and culture, as well as family, provincial and national history.

    ISBN: 978-1-930630-59-8
  • The Migrant Creative: U.S. Media Freelancers at the Border of a Changing Work Culture
    Author(s): Laine Goldman

    The Migrant Creative:  U.S. Media Freelancers at the Border of a Changing Work Culture is a dissertation featuring eleven distinctively creative individuals, involved with media making, who have been traversing a freelance career path for 15+ years. The rest of the workforce is now catching up to the media worker who has had a longer history than most
    collaborating and co-creating on a per-project basis (e.g. film production, advertising, etc.).

  • Frank Thomas, The Big Hurt, A Report

    There once was a “class” about beer,

    And baseball too (which was queer),

    Taught by Thomas Frank,

    And his “friend” (the crank),

    Who shared his kid’s Big Hurt souvenir. 

  • Provost's Newsletter, March 2014
    Author(s): Provost's Office
  • The Old Man and the MOOC

    All right, all right -- it's a metaphor. 


  • Research Like a Librarian: Accessing Information in the 21st Century
    Author(s): ZSR Library Faculty

    About the Authors

    Oats&Tea @ TechXploration

    • Lauren Pressley, Instructional Design Librarian, designed the framework for the book, identified specific requirements for an e-book for LIB100 at Wake Forest University, developed the model we can use for the program, and contributed chapters.
    • Craig Fansler, Preservation Librarian, contributed a chapter on finding and using copyright free images in research papers; traditional and digital preservation.
    • Kevin Gilbertson, Web Services Librarian, investigated open source themes and plugins and contributed a chapter on web technologies (RSS, APIs, etc) and information access.
    • Rebecca Petersen, Library Specialist, investigated interactive modules that students could participate in, and wrote a chapter on the research process.
    • Kaeley McMahan, Reference and Instruction Librarian–Arts, collaborated on finalizing the project and contributed a chapter on the research process.
    • Gretchen Edwards, Cisco Fellow, collaborated with the faculty team to provided technical assistance, and provided a recent student perspective on how students will make use of the book functionality.
    • Audra Eagle Yun, Librarian, Project Archivist, explored existing e-book models (including open source), investigated how to embed historical content in an e-book, and contributed a chapter about historical research methodologies.
    • Other chapter authors include Mary Scanlon, Ellen Daugman,Molly Keener, Mary Beth Lock, and Ellen Makaravage.


    A web-based version of this book may be found here:


    ISBN: 978-1-61846-004-2