distinguished over the grunts of the beast. With a nod from Carter, grim faced with
his chin below the surface of the water as he held the hound, both men released
The pistol produced a white flash, so that Dan Smithson and the others
turned their heads. But Carter released the hound, following closely behind. The
eruption of iron and man silenced only the penned animals. The boar had been
shot in the ear, making him kick back violently which buried his hooves just long
enough for the hound to reach him. The dog on his back slowed him down very
little as he began to buck and flail much like a steer. Carter and June Bug reached
him first, approaching from behind. After tying a rough noose in the hound’s chain,
Carter began to try looping it around one of the hog’s back legs while June Bug
produced a hatchet with which he chopped violently at the animal’s flanks. And
quickly he was covered by the ghostly band of hunters. They beat him with any
sharp or dull end of whatever their hands held. Smithson and the preacher took
blows to the head, whether by the boar or another they never knew, and were
forced to crawl away from the melee. The brothers stood in the outside ring, waiting
for a chance to carve out their own stake of flesh. They pressed in and began cut-
ting out the back of the beast’s right shoulder, helping the others flip him, and then
burying their hands into his exposed ribs for better hold. One of the men carrying
a large, oak club had gone around breaking the hog’s legs so that they could press
down and hold him for the one final shot. Half the men rose while the others dug
their hands deep into the warm, black flesh. Mr. Carter handed his chain to Trenton,
snapped open the barrel to check for bullets, and began circling the boar until he
came to the head where the bloodhound was spinning and dodging the tusks, seek-
ing a place to grasp the hog by the throat. Impatiently, Carter kicked the dog in the
ribs and sent it off towards the trees. He brought the gun to his shoulder and stared
down the barrel at the underside of the boar’s jawline. As he squeezed the trig-
ger, the hound knocked out his right knee attempting to reclaim his fight. The shot,
still deadly, was raised slightly peppering the boy anchored at the beast’s shoulder.
Involuntarily, he fell back into the earth. With the shot imbedded in his neck and
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