Hanes Art Gallery is located in Scales and focuses on bringing exhibitions to campus as well
as displaying student and faculty work. The new director Paul Bright, previously the assistant
director, has many changes in mind. Hanes is always striving to build connections between the
art department and campus, as well as with the city of Winston-Salem. Bright is making these
connections a main part of his plan. Getting the word out about Hanes is the most important
priority right now. Webpages are now being set up for each exhibition and the gallery has already
begun to see a more diverse crowd, including individuals from the Winston-Salem community.
Exhibitions open until December seventh include John Cage Rocks: Ryoan-ji/New River and
Anne Kesler Shields: Geometries 1960s and 1970s. Anne Kesler worked at Hanes for many years
and this is a retrospective look into her own artwork. The John Cage exhibition coincides with
many multimedia events occurring on campus as a part of Cagefest. Bright also has changes in
mind revolving around shows for the Spring Semester as well. He is changing the ways in which
the faculty shows are going to be executed. Instead of having multiple artists show their work at
once, there are going to fewer faculty represented in order to show more of their artwork. The
three or so faculty chosen will be rotated for each show. The reception for the faculty show in the
spring will be held February twenty-first.
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Start Gallery
Located in Reynolda Village, the Start gallery works to run twelve to fifteen shows a year based
on art classes at Wake Forest, alumni, and individual students. They provide the opportunity for
many aspiring artists to have a chance to display their artwork. Recently, they are showing ∫∂n. The
exhibit will run from November fifteenth to December first and will feature works from Professor
Laughlin’s advanced painting course this past semester. They are also working on getting the word
out about Start and art all over Winston-Salem through their new blog Local Color. It encourages
students and the people from the community to spread the word about art in the area. People are
encouraged to submit editorial and open submissions.
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