SECCA is a museum located across the street from the Reynolda House and features a lot of
Contemporary Art. They are always looking to get more involved with the Wake Forest campus
and its students. One great community event that will be held at SECCA is the showing of
Movies by Movers Festival on December eighth, from 2pm to 10pm. Produced by 87 Dance
Productions, it will feature three films. The first is Bones Brigade, which features the move-
ment of skateboards, followed by a screening of a couple of short dance films. The event will
conclude with the documentary People in Motion, which explores the art of parkour. There are
also three current exhibitions that will continue into early January and February. These shows
include Anne Kesler Shields: 50 Year Retrospective, Frank Selby: Misunderstanding, and Vibha
Galhotra: Metropia. Anne Kesler is an artist from Winston-Salem and SECCA has dedicated
a show to the development of her artwork over time. Frank Shelby is also a North Carolinian
artist and his collection shows a series of pencil drawings that look at the miscommunications
that arise from the use of social media. From the other side of the world, Vibha Galhotra is from
New Delhi and she addresses the rapid changes occurring in India through her tapestries and
Reynolda House
The Reynolda House is a Wake Forest-owned museum next to Reynolda Village that strives to
obtain and show important American paintings and sculptures. Most recently, the Reynolda
House has had the privilege to host the exhibition Romare Bearden: A Black Odyssey from
the Smithsonian. Over fifty works are being shown, including the twenty collages under the
title “Odysseus.” This series is based off the Greek epic The Odyssey. Bearden makes all the
characters black in order to show that everyone can relate to the story he strives to tell. This
is the first stop on a national tour and will run through January thirteenth. In addition to this
exciting exhibition, there is also a student advisory committee being formed. It will be made up
of Wake students and applications have already been accepted. Their goal is to bridge the gap
between the museum and the student body. Starting in the Spring Semester, they will work with
programming and social media to brainstorm ways in which to build that connection and bring
awareness to the campus. Through the work this committee hopes to achieve, The Reynolda
House will become an integrated part of the Wake Forest Campus and its activities.
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