5 in hazardous country mackenzie connellee
6 little jumping man katie kron
7 Saloon, Durango, CO Lauren Martinez
8 Uncle Pauline Arroyo
10 Four Months Nina Foster
11 separate seas mackenzie connellee
12 David Lavis senior interview
13 New Poets
17 “Tree in Boboli Gardens, Firenze” David Lavis
18 “In Black Water”Will Ficklen
26 Amsterdam Lights Lauren Lukacsko
27 After Crashing Rachael Duane
28 Laura Chin senior interview
29 Gallery Salad
31 Back to the Future Stephen Parey
32 Organized Confusion Lauren Lukacsko
33 Clare Reeth senior interview
34 Daffodils Bailey Pittenger
37 Italian Fisherman Amy Forbes
38 grandfather’s farm Kory Riemensperger
39 Golden Boy Pauline Arroyo
40 Anna 1 Abby Brown
41 Shrimp Salad Bailey Pittenger
Three to Four Ounces student art and literary magazine is published twice per year by the students of Wake Forest University. All material is
chosen by a blind selection process. The magazine is published by Goslen Printing Co. For a free copy, contact us at
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