Allen Mandelbaum: A Commemoration


Allen Mandelbaum: A Commemoration


Allen Mandelbaum:  A Commemoration

Professor Allen Mandelbaum was an American professor of Italian literature, as well as a poet and translator. As W.R. Kenan Jr. professor of humanities at Wake Forest University, he taught memorable classes and encouraged and supported his students and colleagues alike. Allen Mandelbaum is internationally known as a translator from Latin (Vergil and Ovid), Greek (Homer) and Italian (Ungaretti and Dante).

A commemoration ceremony on the campus of Wake Forest University included speakers, poetry readings and musical intermissions, followed by a reception on Saturday, October 13, 2012 . 

This document represents a collection of those remarks and memories. 


Poca favilla, gran fiamma seconda:  A great flame follows a little spark.

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