be mainstreamed? Is America not ready for that? I like to think that
Orange is the New Black remains on streaming sites because
streaming sites are quickly becoming the new way of viewing
shows and movies but unfortunately, I am not convinced that’s
the case. Perhaps the relative silence for complex and sometimes
fluid LGBTQ characters remains on mainstream networks because
we do not quite know how to articulate these situations
appropriately yet. Perhaps it is because many of us are scared to
explore or even incapable of even trying to understand people
perceived as different from us. Whatever it is, Orange is the New
Black brings vivid voices into this quiet place in the media
landscape, separates itself from judgment or fear, and confronts
real American issues while hysterically (and sometimes tragically)
critiquing the criminal justice system. Orange is the New Black is
boldly reconstructing American ideas through its characters and
plotline, which is absolutely worthy of applause.
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