Jack of all trades, that person is considered broadly educated, well
rounded, and useful. A person who is a Jack of all trades, but
master of none, is still learning and growing with the hopes of
becoming a master in more than one thing. Structuring the title of
the series around the latter half of the phrase is a whimsical use of
the well-known idiom. The creators did not want to come out and
say, “Hey, this show is about a character who kind of knows some
stuff about stuff.” In titling their show Master of None, the creators
succeeded in getting out the message to the audience that the
characters in the show are growing in a clever and creative way.
The main message viewers receive from the title is that the show
is about a character (or characters) attempting to become Jacks of
all trades.
The main character, Dev, is a Jack of all trades; he knows
enough to get by but does not have a mastery of the material at
hand to be considered an expert. He knows enough about acting
to make a living, but is not trained in classical acting, nor is he good
enough to get what his agent calls “Friends money” by booking a
highly rated television show or film. As the show progresses, he is
seen pursuing the “Friends money,” thereby working to become a
master in that field. At the beginning of the first season, Dev
knows a little about being in a relationship with a woman, and as
the season progresses, he develops a relationship and eventually
has to make real life decisions about being with her. Dev pursues
mastery of being in a romantic relationship. As the season
progresses, the main focus is Dev’s attempted mastery of social
awareness. He knows a little about concepts such as stereotypes,
feminism, and other ideologies enough to get by without
sounding like a complete misogynist, racist, pig but not enough
to make informed decisions about how those concepts intersect in
his life. His attempts to master these intersections of identity are
one narrative foundation of the series. Master of None has been
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