that a successful critical cultural study must relentlessly examine its
own methods, positions, assumptions, and interactions, constantly
putting them in question and revising and developing them (94).
Given all the diversity on the show, it is a responsibility of the show
to address how “not normal” that diversity is given the White
standard present on most television. In a group of friends where
the White person is the minority is not in line with the status quo
of television shows, and that aspect needs to be addressed within
the show. Self-reflexivity can be achieved by the show writers if
they allow one of the characters to draw attention to the fact that
in their group of diverse friends the White guy is the minority and
how strange that is when they compare it to representation in
society. It is possible to address those underpinnings in a funny
way too.
The show also assumes a lot about what is “better” or
closer to “reality” in terms of how diversity and representation are
presented on a screen. The show posits that an average guy has a
diverse group of friends (that is not necessarily true). A lot of
people choose to keep friends who are from the same culture,
people with whom they share identities, because it makes them feel
safe. It posits that having diverse friends is better for you—that is
also not necessarily true. If there are people who are different from
you people who are racists, bigots, or narrow minded then that
diversity is not necessarily better for anyone. While I do agree that
diversity in thought is generally beneficial to anyone who is
attempting to grow, this show can do better in its promotion and
critique of diversity and its implications on screen. The foundation
of the show rests on the notion that any person could be
substituted for the main character and identify with the personal
journey; and, that is just not possible unless the show draws
attention to the intentionality in their casting choices and writing
choices. Master of None as a critical multiculturalism critique falls
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