Rachel: So, there’s a thing.
Dev: What?
Rachel: You didn’t notice that? That guy only
introduced himself to the men at the table.
He went right past us like Denise and I
were invisible.
Denise: Yeah. He totally snubbed us.
Dev: I don’t know. I don’t think that was
intentional. You guys were sitting in the
corner. He’s probably just in rush.
Denise: Yeah, well in his rush he managed to shake
hands with two random dudes and Arnold.
He didn’t think we were important enough.
Dev: I don’t know. I feel like you might be
reading a bit much into it.
Rachel: We’re telling you that this is something that
definitely happens to women all the time.
But, fine. Deny our perception of the
Arnold then makes a comment about how inconsiderate the Brad
was because he shook his hand while it was wet. In an attempt to
make the situation lighter, Arnold gets up in a rush to go wash his
hands because the nasty director shook his hand with wet hands
and then everyone else leaves the table. Dev is left confused as to
why Rachel and Denise are upset with how he handled that
On their walk home, Dev and Rachel have another
conversation about how he handled the situation with the director.
Dev does not understand why Rachel jumps to the worst
conclusion about a man while Dev chooses to believe Brad is not
that bad. Dev asks if Rachel thinks he is some kind of sexist
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