Earlier, in the same episode, Dev and Denise see a guy
jerking off in the subway, take a video for proof, and they make a
citizen’s arrest. They yell to the whole subway car that he is being
lewd, and the passengers throughout the car applaud the two of
them when he admits his wrongdoing. A little later, Dev is drunk
at a bar where he is venting about the injustices women face in
show business to Brad, the commercial director.
Dev: The whole spot, you know? It’s these three
guys who are having a barbeque and one of
their wives come up with lemonade. Isn’t
the whole thing just antiquated?
Brad: [Agrees]
Dev: It’s all around us man. I mean look at this
Garden Depot spot. When they have the
background actresses, they gotta get the
hottest woman ever. We don’t do that with
the guys. It’s never “Oh are these men
handsome enough?” Uh, “Do they all have
six packs?”
Brad: Never. They’re all frumpy bags of pudding.
No offense [to Dev].
The next day, Dev finds out that Brad took their conversation
seriously, removed Dev from the speaking role he had in the
commercial, and relegated him to the background in place of the
women. Brad has replaced the three women as the main characters
and put all the men in the background. Eventually, Dev is deemed
not good looking enough for the background and is dropped from
the commercial altogether. Once again, Dev’s implementation of
socially progressive thought into his life results in a career setback,
which reinforces the idea with viewers that it’s best not to mess
with the status quo and risk facing a similar result.
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