therefore those people who are present should offer the best forms
of encouragement. We see SST as the framework that guides
Robert and Sol’s decision to leave their wives and move forward
with their relationship. They realize that the majority of their lives
is behind them, and in an effort to put their happiness first, the
men remain true to themselves regardless of whom they hurt.
Social support is evident in the dynamic between Grace and
Frankie as they are the only people on the show who can relate to
what the other is going through. Although we see resistance at
times from each of them, ultimately Grace and Frankie realize that
in order to hold their lives together, they must first be there to
comfort each other.
Aging also comes with stereotypes known as ageism, or
discriminating against individuals because of their age (Fisher &
Canzona 391). These forms of discrimination can come in a variety
of ways such as patronizing language (communicating with older
adults as though they are children) and talking extremely slowly or
loudly because of an assumption that older people can’t hear.
Ageism also occurs in the form of delegitimizing aspects of a
person based on his or her age (Fisher & Canzona 391). As stated
previously, this chapter focuses on the sexual liberation of the main
characters in Grace and Frankie and the particular way in which the
sitcom is able to achieve this representation of liberation. Grace and
Frankie explores ageism as it pertains to sexuality with Robert, Sol,
Frankie, and Grace, and it is only when these harmful stereotypes
are examined that the show is able to successfully denounce them.
This is, in part, because Grace and Frankie must first make the
audience aware of that fact that what is occurring is ageism and
that it is problematic. By taking the viewers on this journey of what
older individuals go through in terms of being denied their right to
explore and revel in their sexuality, the show is creating a dialogue
about this often unintentional, but nonetheless damaging, aspect
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