climate for the cosmetic industry. Additionally, Brianna goes
against Frankie’s wishes of having a completely eco-friendly
product and patronizes Frankie when she confronts her about the
new ingredients.
Brianna: You want your lube in every grocery store in
America, right?
Frankie: And some of the more progressive car washes, yes.
Brianna: Okay well products like this can end up sitting on
the shelf for a year, and they need a little help from
spoiling. (Louder) Do you know how fast yams go
Frankie: Yes. Six months.
Brianna: No.
Frankie: Then no.
Brianna: Do you want to explain to the Good Stuff people
why your lube has a shelf life of three to five weeks,
in a darkened room?
Frankie: MY lube is going to be in the Good Stuff stores?!
Brianna: That’s the plan, also in the packet.
Frankie: I read the packet!
Brianna: You just admitted you didn’t.
Frankie: Then why keep bringing it up?
Brianna: Oh, to shame you!
Not only does this interaction reinforce age stereotypes as Brianna
blatantly admits to shaming Frankie for her lack of knowledge
about her own product, but in this episode, viewers also see anti-
feminist stereotypes of pitting women against each other. Neither
Frankie nor Brianna is willing to back down throughout the
episode, and eventually Frankie plots a way to force Brianna into
hearing what she has to say about her product. The fact that
Frankie refuses to be patronized by her younger boss illustrates the
combativeness stance Grace and Frankie takes against ageism in the
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