Hoffman) in the premiere episode of the third season, “Something
Is Wrong.” She joins him for lunch at a diner, incessantly
complaining about her job, and when Louie tells her that she
should quit, her eyes narrow as she angrily says, “What kind of a
thing is that to say to me? You should quit your job.” Louie’s large
plate of ice cream then arrives, which she appears disgusted by,
before insisting that they not have “the food talk.” April notices
that something is wrong with Louie and tries to get it out of him;
though he vows that he is only tired, she refuses to accept that. She
then runs through a list of things that could potentially be wrong
with him before landing on the assumption that he wants to break
up with her. Her shock turns into a denial of their relationship
(“You can’t break up with me because, well, I’m not anything to
you. We’re not anything…We’ve been nothing for six months”),
and when he tries to tell her that he is not breaking up with her,
she interprets it as wanting her to do it for him (“This is amazing.
You’re gonna make me break up with myself”). She finally says,
“We shouldn’t be together anymore,” and leaves the restaurant.
Louie is left alone at the table, first exhibiting bewilderment but
eventually showing slight amusement as he continues to enjoy his
ice cream.
April’s character is depicted as a negative, blunt, and selfish
girlfriend, one who rips into Louie for everything from his eating
habits to his inability to communicate with her effectively all of
which makes her an unlikeable character at best and a stereotypical
“nagging girlfriend” at worst. Listed as “one of the most common
negative stereotypes there is” about women in relationships, one
psychology professor points out that there is no male equivalent
or counterpart; when men want something done, they are simply
making “requests.” Susan K. Whitbourne goes on:
Women who ask their [partners] once, twice, or
more to do what they want receive this pejorative
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