was not as accessible as other sitcoms of the time. Arrested
Development follows the Bluth family after George Bluth Sr., the
patriarch of the family and CEO of the Bluth Company, is arrested
by the SEC. His arrest means a large portion of the Bluth’s assets
are frozen. The Bluths are a wealthy, White family that has been
rich for so long that the loss of George, Sr. and more importantly
their family fortune is crippling. The oldest son is G.O.B. (Will
Arnett), and he is an amateur magician with no real skills. On the
day of the arrest, he accidentally reveals the secret to a trick and is
blackballed from the Magician’s Alliance, preventing him from
performing in the future. In order to upset her parents, the
daughter Lindsay (Portia de Rossi) has married Tobias Fünke
(David Cross), a man who was once a self-proclaimed analrapist
(analyst and therapist). She joins whatever cause most seems to
defy her family’s wishes. The youngest son, Buster (Tony Hale),
has such dramatic mother issues that he has never moved out of
the house and depends on his mother for everything from buying
his juice to getting from one place to another. He is in his thirties.
The mother Lucille (Jessica Walter) is a high functioning alcoholic
who seems to hate at least half of her children and wants to
continue her lavish lifestyle. Michael, the middle son, is the
protagonist and straight man. He wants to run the Bluth Company
right and to make sure his own son George Michael (Michael Cera)
grows up in a more stable environment than he did. Oh, and
George Michal happens to be in love with his cousin, Maeby (Alia
Shawkat), who lies her way into a film studio executive job after
almost failing her high school classes. As the narrator says in in the
opening credits, Michael has no choice but to keep his outlandish
and highly dysfunctional family together.
The character descriptions I just provided do not make the
Bluths sound like a loveable family. In fact, they seem
dysfunctional to the point where viewers might want to look away.
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