wants Jill to be herself in front of the members of his family, but
he also wants her to get along with them. A clear instance of this
conflict occurs during the first season in the episode titled
“Omakase.” Jill and Andy, already struggling with intimacy, decide
to get a babysitter and go out on a couples’ date night with one of
Jill’s new friends. Of course, as influenced by the mores of the
Upper East Side, Jill decides to take Andy out to dinner at a posh,
new Japanese restaurant. The wonderful date night is destroyed,
however, when they happen upon Andy’s brother, his sister-in-law,
and a group of their friends. Lex’s wife Brooke sweetly asks the
restaurant staff to pull up some chairs so they can all dine together.
Little do Jill and Andy realize at first, they are in for a special, 11-
course treat including culinary pleasures such as “one long noodle,
a leaf with salt, and an empty egg shell” and other exotic, bizarre,
and unfulfilling courses.
Throughout the evening, viewers witness Jill enduring the
scenario of her worst nightmare. She rocks back and forth in her
seat, picks at her food, and engages in all sorts of other child-like
activities. It is clear that Jill has no interest in the whole ambiance
of the evening. She desires no part of the elitist lifestyle exemplified
by this situation, and yet she must deal with it in her role as wife.
Andy desires for Jill to get along with his family, despite their
antics, but he also wants Jill to maintain her distinctive (mildly non-
conformist) personality. That night, however, Jill still must quite
literally sit and play her part. Not all at once, of course, but little by
little osmosis takes over until she becomes more infected by the
dreams of this seemingly perfect life. The closer Jill becomes with
her husband’s family, the closer she is to becoming an aspirational,
ladies-who-lunch-and-shop version of herself.
The same sort of contradiction between fancy pants and
her own pants occurs with Jill and her friendships. Jill has a lifetime
best friend, Vanessa, who always loves the juicy gossip Jill has to
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