“All the girls get new boyfriends and all the boys get new
girlfriends. And then we’re just bringing the drama.” Gill describes
the complex nature of postfeminist “sensibility” as, “Feminist
ideas are at the same time articulated and repudiated, expressed and
disavowed. Its constructions of contemporary gender relations are
profoundly contradictory.” We see this in Girls, and we see the
continued need for characters like Hannah Horvath to be given a
space. At the same time, we also see that to ignore the structures
and the systems that the “real” feminist movement works to undo
is problematic because making the claim that solitary control and
self-determination is insulated from the political is to achieve only
a very shallow empowerment for a very small, and very White,
group of women. That is no victory.
13.2 Adam Driver as Adam Sackler and Lena Dunham as Hannah Horvath in Girls,
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