proceeds to berate the hospital staff for not helping Jackie more at
work after her injury. The workers then tell O’Hara that there is
no patient named Jackie Peyton in the system. Jackie has lied to
O’Hara in order to fuel her addiction. Meanwhile, on Jackie’s way
home after a shift, she encounters a woman who needs help
because her boyfriend has had a seizure. Jackie attends to the man
while waiting for the ambulance. During this time, Jackie notices
the man has numerous baggies of pills in his pockets. She tells the
girlfriend to back away from the man and proceeds to take the
baggies and put them in her own pockets. When the ambulance
arrives on the scene, Jackie tells emergency medical staffers to take
the man to Bellevue Hospital instead of All Saints.
Viewers start to see more complications arise from the
secrets Jackie keeps. When she walks into work, O’Hara is waiting
for her. After avoiding O’Hara, Jackie realizes that the man she
stole the pills from is in the waiting room of the hospital. Jackie
then hides in the bathroom and calls her husband Kevin (Dominic
Fumusa) to come pick her up. After leaving work early to avoid
her problems, Jackie begins a weekend getaway with her husband
and daughters. As the family is settling into a bed and breakfast for
the night, however, Jackie abruptly ends the vacation when she
realizes she cannot find her pills. For the first time, viewers begin
to realize that despite her competence in the ER and maneuvers to
keep the different areas of her life distinct Jackie cannot function
without her pills. Actually, everything is a struggle for Jackie she
struggles with the divide between her work and family life, and she
also struggles to satisfy her addiction. During the finale
of the second season, viewers notice a break in Jackie’s character
when she appears to make herself vulnerable with Kevin. The
emotional opening occurs after Kevin has discovered that Jackie
agreed to take a sum of money from O’Hara after Jackie swore to
Kevin she would not take the money. It is unclear, however,
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