whether her emotional conversation with Kevin is authentic or just
another managing technique to keep a compartment of her life
Jackie: (Teary-eyed) I’m not here not the way you are.
When they fall down, they run to you. There are
days when I look at them and I think, you know,
what the fuck? I gave birth to you and I fucking
hate myself for being so selfish and for being
competitive. You keep saying we don’t need
anybody’s help, we’re fine, but I don’t have that
peace of mind that you do Kevin. And I’m fucking
jealous that you can sleep at night. Yes, I took the
money and I’m sorry but I did it to help us, not to
rip us apart.
After her emotional pleas, it appears that Kevin has been
successfully managed and that Jackie is able to regain control of
her family life.
Relative calm is short-lived, however. Jackie’s control is
undermined when Kevin discovers a key to a separate mailbox
belonging to Jackie. Inside the mailbox, he discovers credit card
statements with charges from numerous pharmacies throughout
the city. Kevin then consults Jackie’s friend, Dr. O’Hara, and
together they come to the understanding that Jackie has a drug
problem. The same day Jackie returns home from work to find
Kevin and Dr. O’Hara waiting for her.
Jackie: What’s up? Where are the girls?
Kevin: Let’s just sit down for a minute.
Jackie: Oh. Oh no. No, no, no, no. No, no, no, no,
no fucking way.
O’Hara: It’s okay, Jacks.
Jackie: On, no, no, way. You have to leave right
now, I’m sorry. Where are the girls?
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