befriends Kevin after discovering he is Jackie’s husband. Much to
Jackie’s surprise (and to her satisfaction), Eddie does not tell Kevin
about the affair. Against Jackie’s wishes, however, Eddie continues
the friendship.
Jackie appears to manage her interactions in the public
sphere much successfully and for a longer period of time than she
manages her life in the private sphere. While she has been able to
keep her addiction a secret from her colleagues longer than from
her husband and best friend, Jackie falters in the third season of
the series when she steals drugs from the Oncology Department
for her personal use. Jackie’s boss, Gloria Akalitus (Anna Deavere
Smith), places Jackie on probation after discovering the source of
the missing drugs. Furthermore, a bigger collision occurs when
Kevin shows up at the hospital with their daughters. Jackie’s strict
distinction between her public and private spheres has started to
fade. Jackie fears what she considers the worst outcome, that her
compartmentalizing has failed and her husband knows about
Jackie’s affair with Eddie, but instead, Kevin confesses to Jackie
that he has had an affair with another woman.
Kevin: I fucked up. It’s over. It will never happen
again. You gotta believe me Jackie. Believe
Jackie: Wha-what am I supposed to say?
Kevin: I don’t know: I love you? I forgive you?
Something like that.
Jackie: Pack your bags.
With Kevin out of the house and Jackie’s desperation growing to
feed her addiction, she takes home a stranger to do drugs. When
the man overdoses and dies in Jackie’s house, she relies on Dr.
O’Hara to help with reporting the overdosed stranger as a man she
found dead on the street. After this, it appears that Jackie is ready
to admit she needs professional when she confides in Dr. O’Hara
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