episode, Michael tells his family he is done with them and moves
away, attempting to cut ties. Events during the season force
Michael to make amends (then break them again as he rips up each
character’s signature) with the family he thought was comprised of
nothing but screw ups only to climax with him owing a dangerous
family $70,000, which demonstrates that the apple falls closer to
the tree than he claimed originally.
Both seasons feature emotional and plot payoffs involving
Michael, but the seasons diverge when it comes to the other Bluths.
An example is Buster, who only receives a single episode during
the fourth season. In the second season, Buster has a variety of
plot lines going: his romance with Lucille Austero (Liza Minnelli),
being enlisted in the army, struggling over his relationship with his
mother, and finding out the identity of his true father. Stretched
out over eighteen episodes, there are some episodes featuring
Buster struggling to decide whether he is actually interested in
Lucille Austero (usually called Lucille Two) romantically or if she
just reminds him of his mother, others in which he is training for
the army or trying to get out of his assignment (only to have his
hand bitten off by a loose seal in a yellow bowtie), and still others
during which he rebels against his mother only to try to win her
back by the end of the half hour. The season culminates with
Buster finding out Oscar Bluth, his father’s twin (also played by
Jeffrey Tambor), is his biological father. When he confronts his
mother, she cannot explain why she hid the truth, so Buster moves
out. It is an emotional climax to two of his main storylines with the
army and romance plots carrying over to the third (and fourth)
Buster’s plot in the fourth season is dramatically
compressed; he is only featured in a single, spotlight episode. Still,
this episode touches on three of the four plotlines from the second
season, as Buster gets in a fight with his mother only to be lured
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