fan. Zoey’s character shows her most significant role in the series
not to mention her greatest personal growth in terms of character
arc by finally giving up on her friend, which demonstrates the
extremity of the effects of Jackie’s compartmentalization.
During the sixth season, Jackie convinces a dying nun to
take the blame for illegal prescriptions Jackie had been filling by
creating a fake ID for her. After the nun dies, Zoey realizes what
Jackie has done. She confides in their boss that she believes Jackie
is using again, which results in Jackie having to take a drug test.
Jackie then confronts Zoey.
Zoey: You used a picture of a dying nun to make a fake
Jackie: Listen, Zoey…
Zoey: And then you convinced her the very last thing she
did on Earth-- to lie for you and say that she was
Nancy Wood and that she stole Carrie’s DEA
Jackie: Ok, listen, I can—this has got to be hard for you.
Zoey: What’s hard for me is that you’ve been using this
whole time.
Jackie: I can see that you—that that’s maybe what you’re
thinking right now.
Zoey: You stole a DEA number. That’s a federal offense.
You can go to jail. If you don’t go to rehab, I will
hand the picture over.
Jackie now faces an important decision: will she enter a diversion
program, which would allow her to keep her nursing license but
requires that she self-admit to using drugs; or will she take a drug
test and risk losing her license. Jackie’s management system has
failed her, but her judgment is clouded by her addiction and the
fact that she has sometimes eluded detection and consequences in
the past. When confronted by two paths that she finds equally
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