Gloria: Don’t celebrate too soon Jackie, diversion
is gonna be hell. You may not touch
patients, and just so nobody mistakes you
for a real nurse lose the blue scrubs.
Jackie: Deal.
In one of the most significant signs of the detrimental effects
compartmentalization, and thus addiction, has on Jackie, Zoey is
assigned to be Jackie’s monitor during diversion. Zoey now has to
make sure Jackie completes a checklist of nursing assistant duties
and complies with a drug test every day.
This role reversal is profound and signifies the realism of
the consequences Jackie has brought onto herself, but Jackie
manages to complete the diversion program and keep her nursing
license. She has been given the benefit of the doubt one last time
and manages to regain control of her career. But, true to her history
as a character on the series, Jackie soon returns to old patterns: she
compartmentalizes her job and begins using drugs again. During
the intervening time, however, All Saints has been purchased by a
developer and will no longer remain a hospital. Jackie’s
longstanding nursing career provides her with an opportunity to
work at another hospital, and Jackie asks Zoey to join her in this
new chapter in her professional life.
Jackie: Are you coming to Bellevue with me?
Zoey: I need to move on, and I need you to let
Jackie: We can move on together, Zoey. When I
first met you, you were wearing bunny
scrubs and now you’re head nurse.
Zoey: I know, the first time I met you I was afraid
of you. And it’s just then I wanted to be
you. And now all I do is worry about you.
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