ELYSE CONKLIN is a sardonic Chicagoan, and her favorite TV
show is Veronica Mars. Her research interests include critical
economic theory, Marxist feminism, and critical legal studies. Her
masters in Communication Studies thesis is titled “Striking the
Match: A Rhetorical Analysis of the 2012 Chicago Teachers
SERENA DAYA is a two-time graduate of Wake Forest
University, earning a M.A. and B.A. in Communication. She will
pursue her Ph.D in Communication at the University of Kentucky.
She’s probably related to Aziz Ansari because...aren’t we all?
MAX DOSSER exists and appears in this volume. Though one
day, only one of those things will be true. Max has called Wake
Forest University home for seven years, and there he received a
B.A. in Chemistry, a second B.A. in Music in Liberal Arts, and an
M.A. in Communication. After he graduates, he will pursue an
M.F.A. in Filmmaking.
COURTNEY GREEN is a graduate of Butler University but born
and raised in Columbus, Ohio. She is currently pursuing her M.A.
at Wake Forest University and is interested in examining the
relationship African-American college students have with
microaggressions while studying at a predominately white
LEAH HAYNES will beat you at Harry Potter trivia. “Always.” A
word nerd, soccer lover, and “Double Deac,” she earned her B.A.
in English and Communication in 2016 and her M.A. in
Communication in 2017, both from Wake Forest University. Her
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