CALLIE SARTAIN After attending prom with national football
champion Deshaun Watson, Callie received a B.A. in
Communication Studies and Spanish from Mercer University. She
is a current M.A. student at Wake Forest University with interests
in reproductive rights, health communication, and anything
Foucault. Following graduation, Callie will take a nice long nap and
maybe pursue a Ph.D.
JENN ST SUME is a second year M.A. student in the
Communication Department. Her research focuses on the
function of race, narrative, and political communication
throughout the Obama administration. Over the summer, she
worked as the Dorm Director of the Ben Franklin Transatlantic
Fellows Program, a U.S. State Department grant initiative that
educates high school students about international diplomacy and
relations. She earned her B. A. in Communication from Florida
Atlantic University where she also served as Co-Captain of their
Division I Women’s Volleyball team.
KAROLINE SUMMERVILLE is a true nerd who hoards words
in the form of books and laughs too hard at jokes. She received
her B.A. in Communication from Queens University of Charlotte
and is finishing up her M.A. at Wake Forest University. She plans
to eat as much mint chocolate chip ice cream as she can while she
pursues her lifelong goal of obtaining her doctorate.
KATIE THEVENOW is a graduate of Butler University and
enjoys spending time with her friends, family, and her two dogs:
Grizzly and Bailey. After finishing her M.A. at Wake Forest
University, she looks forward to relocating back to her family farm
in Indiana to spend time with her beloved pony, Lil' Sebastian. She
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