the season that Fakeblock is a privacy software, but it is not
revealed until near the finale what the software actually is.
This makes the fourth season a puzzle that can be
appreciated differently upon repeat viewings. Repeat viewings of
the initial run of Arrested Development create a similar feeling, but it
is primarily because many seemingly throwaway jokes actually
foreshadow upcoming events. When Buster wins a stuffed seal out
of a claw machine, for example, and the narrator says, “Buster had
gotten hooked playing,” this foreshadows Buster’s hand being
bitten off by the seal then replaced by a hook in the season finale.
During the Netflix season, foreshadowing as a narrative device is
inverted; rather than hinting at what will come, each episode of the
series reveals why characters are not present for an important event
in the series.
In the first episode, Lucille is put on trial for stealing the
Queen Mary and requests that her family come to the trial to testify
she only stole the ship to save her poor son Buster, who had fallen
overboard (which is, of course, a lie). The actual trial is not shown
until Lucille’s individual episode, the tenth of the season, but the
audience is shown episode by episode why each family member
misses the trial from G.O.B. being trapped in a storage locker to
Lindsay working on an ostrich farm to Buster being “hung over”
from drinking too much sugar-free juice (which was not actually
sugar free). It is clear that no one appears to testify from the
beginning of the season, but rather than foreshadow the trial, the
episodes fill in the gaps for why no one appears. In a Binge Model,
the obscure jokes are more apparent, and the climax comes as less
of a surprise. The change to making the season a puzzle allows
Mitch Hurwitz to create a new reason for these episodes to be
viewed more than once so viewers can see how the pieces fit
together once they know how it all ends. None of the structural
changes are necessarily positive or negative. Rather, the changes
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