After the success of Arrested Development, other streaming
services like Hulu and Yahoo! Video followed Netflix’s lead and
began reviving cancelled series. Oftentimes, series were saved from
the brink of cancellation, like The Mindy Project (2012-) with Hulu
or Community (2009-2015) with Yahoo! Video; each had gained a
small, yet passionate, following before being cancelled due to low
ratings. Other times, the stories are more similar to Arrested
Development’s in which the revived series had been cancelled years
prior. An example from Netflix is Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life
(Gilmore Girls nine years later). These revivals are fueled by
nostalgia because the original series were cancelled after many
years on the air with strong fan bases intact; in some cases, the
popularity of the shows has grown since the series ended due to
repeats of episodes on the air and streaming availability.
Similar to the fourth season of Arrested Development, these
revived/continued series changed as they transitioned from
network television to streaming service properties. The changes
either correspond directly to those of the fourth season of Arrested
Development or are structured to try to avoid the criticisms of the
fourth season. Some of the alterations are smaller, like not breaking
for commercials and expanding lengths, which is part of the
Netflix model. Community and The Mindy Project were revived by
streaming services that decided to keep the weekly release model.
In this way, both series avoid the problem Arrested Development
encountered where running jokes would need to be reduced
because as the audience would grow tired of them. Community
encountered a similar issue of cast availability. One of the main
criticisms lobbed at the fourth season of Arrested Development was
how the spotlight episodes eliminate the interactions among the
characters, which has always been a highlight of the series
(Poniewozik). Community, a sitcom about an unlikely group of
friends attending the fictional community college Greendale, had
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