received similar praise for its cast, but by the time Hulu aired the
first episode of season six, the central study group has dropped
from seven to four. In addition to losing main characters,
prominent tertiary characters have also disappeared and leave
Greendale feeling like a ghost town. Seeing how Arrested
Development handles its character flexibility, Community brings in new
characters to fill out the cast. Introducing new characters makes
the series feel further removed from its original form, but it allows
a core cast to appear in every episode rather than having some
characters pop in and out based on the actors’ availability. The
Yahoo! TV Community season handles the arcs of the characters
differently, similar to Arrested Development, as the season is
structured to bring the series to a close, which means character
development needs to be compressed to resolve the storylines of
various characters by the end of a season.
The Mindy Project changed in many ways as well, like shifting
to a more natural three act-structure after suffering under the
enforced four-act structure while airing on FOX. Streaming on
Hulu meant it was underwent many of the same changes as
Community, which had a similar distribution model as Yahoo! TV.
Both series kept central plot elements from their initial runs, so
even as the structure, format, release schedule, and cast change, the
series feels largely the same as before. This is the same as Arrested
Development in which each episode is the natural (usually)
progression of the character’s story from the end of the initial run.
While the Yahoo! TV season of Community and the Hulu seasons
of The Mindy Project aired a year after their cancellations rather than
several years afterward, the blueprint of Arrested Development’s
Netflix season is clearly visible in the construction of these series.
While Community and The Mindy Project are examples of
cancelled series brought back shortly after cancellation, Arrested
Development’s impact may be more apparent in long ago cancelled
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