series, like Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, which is set nine years
after the end of Gilmore Girls. The dramedy about a 30-something
single mother and her teenage daughter was cancelled a season
after a contract dispute led to the creator leaving, so the story was
left unfinished. Much like Arrested Development, the series picks up
where it left off with little development happening for the
characters between the point where the series ended and where the
revival begins. The main difference is that Gilmore Girls is
comprised of seven, 22-episode seasons while Gilmore Girls: A Year
in the Life is only one season made up of four, 90-minute episodes.
The compression to four longer episodes was largely due to cast
availability, and being a Netflix series, the producers were likely
concerned with similar criticisms as Arrested Development. This
meant the Gilmore Girls revival faced the same issues of plot
compression and running gags as Arrested Development.
The daughter, Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel), starts out as a
journalist published in The New Yorker to becoming the editor of
her hometown’s newspaper (Stars Hollow) as well as repeating her
mother’s mistakes by falling for an unavailable man. Her mother,
Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham), marries her long-term
boyfriend and finally achieves a form of reconciliation with her
mother after a lifetime of issues. All these plotlines would be
season-long (if not series-long) plotlines, but they are compressed
into the four episodes. It makes certain points (like Rory’s career)
feel rushed while others (like Lorelai’s reconciliation) feel like the
series is coming to a close. New running jokes (like Lorelai wanting
to replicate the journey in Wild) are made in the first episode and
paid off by the fourth, rather than being stretched out over the 22-
episodes. The season builds to the series finale, so throughout the
four episodes, there are hints of foreshadowing for the final four
words creator Amy Sherman-Palladino thought of early in the
series (no spoilers), whereas earlier seasons do not employ
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