foreshadowing and attempt to live more in the moment. Each
change from the original series to the revival correlates with a
change made in the Netflix season of Arrested Development.
The changes in all of the series mentioned above can be
seen as pragmatic because streaming services have different
practices and standards than networks, but at a certain point, when
everything is changing based on practicality, one cannot dismiss
the importance of the pragmatics. Through tracking these series
and their revivals and seeing how the narrative trajectories parallel
those of Arrested Development, it is clear this Netflix revival has had
a strong influence on the television industry. Arrested Development
will continue to have a significant impact as more and more
revivals and continuations are greenlit.
Fueled By Nostalgia
The television environment continues to change, so the
question becomes what are the implications related to format
moving forward? Netflix began changing the environment with
Arrested Development, but it went a step further with another series.
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is about a woman who is released from
an underground bunker after a reverend has held her captive there
for 15 years under the delusion that the world has ended. The show
was originally developed for NBC because the creators, Tina Fey
and Robert Carlock, had a strong relationship with that network
built upon the success of 30 Rock, another insanely hilarious but
low-rated sitcom. When network executives realized Unbreakable
Kimmy Schmidt would not fit into their programming lineup (the
Thursday night comedy block had just been removed from the
schedule), Netflix bought the series. NBC would have almost
certainly cancelled the show. It was a niche series that would likely
have gathered critical adoration and gain a cult following but like
Arrested Development, Community, and The Mindy Project would never
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