represents the possibilities that accompany a life uninhibited by the
burdens of depression and anxiety. In other words, he represents
a kind of happiness that Rebecca would have the potential to
experience if she weren’t so consumed by false notions of
satisfaction. Rebecca is so sure that her relocation (which really
means, essentially, running away from her lackluster life in New
York instead of confronting her depression head on) will bring her
contentment that she flushes her anxiety medicine down the sink
upon arrival in California. From this point forward, all of Rebecca’s
decisions become motivated by the prospect of getting back
together with Josh, though she denies it repeatedly and vehemently
(from the pilot episode: “To be clear, I didn’t move here for Josh,
I just needed a change/ ‘Cause to move here for Josh, now that’d
be strange”). Despite the fact that her protestations read as a
desperate attempt to mask her true intention in moving, perhaps
there is some truth to this lyric; Rebecca is surely smart enough to
recognize the unabashed absurdity of moving across the country
for a person she once dated as a teenager, and a change in her life
could certainly do her some good. The fact that she is so dedicated
to this one particular life script, however, prevents her from
making any kind of emotional progress and inhibits her from
recognizing the sources from which authentic happiness can come,
the likes of which might not necessarily include Josh. Happiness,
or at least Rebecca’s convoluted definition of it, becomes her goal
as opposed to her method.
Rebecca is so fixated on the hope that West Covina will
fulfill something she has been missing her whole life that she
inadvertently blinds herself to the many ways she is creating a
potentially fulfilling new life for herself separate from Josh. Upon
arrival in West Covina, she befriends the cute bartender Greg
Serrano (Santino Fontana) who, similarly to Rebecca, spends a
significant amount of time seeking ways to sooth his troubled soul
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