(though he is undoubtedly much more rational in these endeavors
than Rebecca). The two strike up what can only be described as an
on-again/off-again “flirtationship” in which they occasionally
explore the possibility of being together but ultimately end up on
different pages until the very end of the season. Though Greg is
certainly irritable and struggles with his own woes, he invests in
Rebecca multiple times and shows that he cares for her in ways
that Josh does not. Rebecca continues to write him off as a sort of
obstacle to overcome in her pursuit of Josh, which causes
temporary strife between the two. It isn’t until the fourteenth
episode (“Why is Josh in a Bad Mood?”) that Rebecca realizes she
might, in fact, want to reciprocate the feelings that Greg has shown
her. “Oh My God I Think I Like You” details the realization that
not only is she physically attracted to Greg, but perhaps she feels
an emotional connection as well: “But I say no, no, no!/ This is
just about sex!/ Don’t be such a girl, Bex!/ But then I feel the
Oxytocin creeping back to my brain,/ And all I can do it sing it
again,/ Oh my God, I think I like you.” Rebecca is presented in
her most contented state during moments like these when her
attention is not entirely consumed by someone who is both
emotionally and platonically unavailable. And yet, she is still
unsatisfied because the way she defines happiness leads to a
relationship with Josh, not with Greg. NPR’s Linda Holmes writes
a metaphor is apropos for the situation and also feels appropriate
for a musical television comedy: “It's as if Rebecca bought a
dilapidated house so she could grow pineapples outside. And even
though it turned out she couldn't grow pineapples, she fixed up the
house beautifully, only to spend all her time staring out the window
and being sad about failing.” In other words, Rebecca finds
someone with whom she is compatible, someone who cares about
her and is willing to invest in her, and yet—he isn’t Josh. Therefore,
in Rebecca’s world, this isn’t happiness, and she is left unsatisfied
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