The biggest difference between Selina Meyer and Donald
Trump is that one lost a presidential election and the other did not.
On second thought, another contrast is that Selina sets all of her
hopes and dreams on the presidency while Donald* seemingly won
it on a whim, as if his foray into politics were a new hobby that just
happened to work out well for him. Other than that and their
private parts (I think), Selina might as well be the female version
of Donald narcissistic, intellectually dull, ditsy, and perverse.
They both deny outside characterizations of them as racists who
love being the center of attention and use other people to their
benefit. During the second season of the series, Selina’s daughter,
Catherine (Sarah Sutherland), wants her mother to meet her
Middle Eastern boyfriend a conversation that happens via Skype
because Selina is too busy maintaining her public image and
Catherine is usually deemed a distraction. In frustration, Catherine
implies that her mother is racist to which Selina replies, “Okay,
Catherine, you know that I am not a racist. My boyfriend in college
was a quarter Cherokee, so…” President Trump’s romantic
relationships with international women, including his current wife
Melania Trump, also serve to excuse his racist remarks against
African Americans and immigrants, such as his claims that black
people are surrounded by failure and that Mexicans are rapists.
Sexual deviance is a quality Selina and Donald can only see
in others and not themselves. During a visit to Finland for trade
negotiations, Selina enjoys a smoke with Osmo Häkkinen (Dave
Foley), the Prime Minister’s husband, and he grabs her breast.
Selina, in shock, finds Gary (Anthony “Tony” Hale), her personal
aide, and tells him about the incident, “I’m the Vice President of
the United States, and he just squeezed my boob.” The scene does
In the original draft of this chapter, I referred to them as “Selina” and “President
Trump” but elected to use parallel designations to avoid reinforcing gender
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