has to navigate her femininity carefully to appear capable at all
times. She makes it clear to her staff that she holds the power in
every situation, especially with Gary Walsh (Tony Hale), the loyal
secretary whose main job is to carry everything for her (hand
sanitizer, tissue, and even tampons). Although Selina bosses her
subordinates around, she relies on them for political strategies
because she is often too ditsy to answer questions intelligently and
make decisions. They are continuously scrambling to make sure
she does not say or do anything that could debunk her political
image, just as Donald’s team has periodically banned him from
Twitter. To ensure her success, Gary follows her around and
whispers information in her ear to aid in her interactions with other
government officials, military personnel, and professional sports
Truthfully, the Vice President’s Director of
Communications, Dan Egan (Reid Scott), is fully in charge of her
decision-making and, like advisers to Donald Trump, he urges
Selina to skate around policy. For example, she is forced to
improvise during one of her speeches because the President orders
his messenger Jonah Ryan (Timothy Simons), to make adjustments
to her speech. His “adjustments” actually involve scratching out
the entire thing. As Selina is giving the speech, the camera zooms
in on her notecards, which are completely obliterated. She makes
remarks that parallel Donald’s answers to debate questions as she
states, “Politics is about people, it’s about people,” and a man in
the crowd shouts out, “Is your guy going to be tweeting about
this?” This is a hilarious remark because anyone who knows
anything about Donald is aware of his Twitter obsession, and this
comment from the crowd is a jab at Donald’s ability to say more
words in a tweet than he can string together in any sentence spoken
out loud.
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