Many Americans watched the 2016 election results in
shock as state after state turned red on the electoral map. An
election centered more on low human morale than on public policy
revealed where integrity ranked on America’s list of qualities for a
viable presidential candidate. After Donald’s election, more and
more of his supporters unveiled their loyalty for the businessman.
Veep’s loyal staffer Gary is emblematic of the silent supporter
phenomenon that resulted in false predictions of a Hillary Clinton
victory by landslide. Gary is the archetype of a “Trump supporter”
in that he stands by Selina no matter what she says or does. He
never stands less than two feet from her, and when she is upset, he
goes to great lengths to comfort her, whether that requires rubbing
her shoulder or fetching her desserts from all over Washington.
Gary is like silent “Trump supporters” because no one pays
attention to him, and he does not bring attention to himself. Many
people consider him unintelligent, and he is considered the
laughingstock. In rare moments when Selina is actually victorious,
however, he is elevated and can share in her triumph because he is
the only one who truly believes in her.
Viewers know Gary gets frustrated with Selina at times, but
he never shows his anger toward her until “East Wing,” an episode
in the fourth season when he lashes out at Selina after she calls him
“unimportant.” He yells, “I have broken my back for you! I have
let myself be laughed at! I have let myself be humiliated! And I’m
happy to do it! Most of the time, you don’t even know that I exist,
but I am fucking everything to you!” Even after the argument,
Gary comforts Selina with a “light, spongy” cake that he has ready
for the occasion. The argument sheds light on Donald’s
relationship with his supporters. We have not heard him say it yet,
but it is likely he deems them “unimportant” even though he would
not have won the presidency if it were not for their support. The
big question, of course, is whether or not his supporters will finally
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