responded, “Well, just so you understand, I don't know anything
about David Duke, okay? I don't know anything about what you’re
even talking about with white supremacy or white supremacists.
So, I don't know.” This even though his white privilege is apparent
in his quote, ““It has not been easy for me ... My father gave me a
small loan of a million dollars” (“The 37 Fatal Gaffes That Didn’t
Kill Donald Trump”). Both Donald and Selina are guilty of
fallacies and stringing together sentences that make no logical
sense as if they are trying to say everything to cover all the bases
without saying anything at all.
Another area of struggle for both Donald and Selina is
their relationships with foreign countries. Selina attends the White
House Correspondents’ Dinner where she performs a song that is
initially a big hit until it backfires. In preparation for the dinner,
Selina suggests her team come up with a song making fun of the
new Speaker of the House to make a humorous reference to her
party being wiped out in the election. But, upon realizing that the
idea might result in the Speaker of the House getting offended and
taking out his anger on her in federal budget negotiations, they
decide instead to do a parody of “50 Ways to Leave your Lover,”
a classic song by American, singer-songwriter Paul Simon. Her
song, “50 Ways to Win Denver,” takes several jabs at the White
House and at politicians who make promises they can’t keep and
put on acts to win over the public. Unfortunately for Selina,
though, her lines “Don’t be European, Ian/Say ‘screw France,’
Lance/Maybe the Germans, Herman/The Dutch, the Swedes,”
offend European leaders. As result, she travels to Europe to make
apologies to save her reputation and mend foreign relationships.
Donald is less apologetic about promises to build a wall between
Mexico and the United States to prevent illegal immigration.
During his statements, he offends the Mexican people when he
describes them as drug dealers and racists. He says, “When Mexico
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