own daughter’s life (basic information such as when she gets a new
roommate or is working on a new assignment for school).
Ironically, Catherine knows her mother better than anyone else and
is like her in many ways. She is the only one who is not afraid to
call her out on her stupidity, but she does not do so in ways that
could damage her mother’s political reputation. One of the first
times Catherine appears on the show, she reveals that Mike’s dog,
which he uses as an excuse to leave work early and get out of after-
hours office events, is actually fake. Selina is the only person on
the series who does not know this in advance of the revelation.
Like Catherine, Donald’s children are also loyal to him. In
interviews, they resist giving answers that will deprecate their father
and are heavily involved in his political and business affairs.
Overall, the similarities between Selina and Donald are
astounding only because there is such a high expectation for
politicians to be honest, candid, and have some understanding of
how the American government works. Ironically, those
misconceptions are exactly why the show succeeds. Selina and her
staff’s inappropriate behavior, vulgar language, lack of preparation,
and disorganization are all unexpected elements that contradict
public perceptions of government officials. Nonetheless, parallels
between the show and real-life politicians suggest that Veep is a
precise portrayal of political life in America. The irony of the show
is its absence of irony. With Trump as our President, Veep becomes
even more real than before imagined. America does not have to
resort to Veep to watch a president strapped with insults ready to
fire at any moment, listen to constant cursing and off-hand
remarks that may or may not be offensive (depending on who you
are), and laugh at awkward encounters between a politician who
answers questions by avoiding them. All viewers have to do is to
tune in to the news. The show’s aesthetic similarity to The Office
also filmed with a single-camera following the characters in
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