mockumentary style and the dull backdrops and under-saturated
colors that make the scenery mundane provides a subtle, yet
strategic, reminder that the White House is not a marvelous
mansion, as it may seem to members of the public, but it is a
workplace like any other office. Officials and staffers go to work,
do what they need to do, and try to get off early if they can, just
like the rest of us. Also, the issues that Selina and her associates
deal with humanize them and show viewers that these elites are
really just like normal people. For instance, Selina has digestion
issues at a frozen yogurt shop in “Frozen Yoghurt,” and her staff
tries to shove her back in the limo unnoticed as reporters are taking
pictures of her.
Veep is hilarious, fun, and provides what used to be a
refreshing parody of the current political climate, but what was
once refreshing may be more accurate now than the general public
realizes. The underlying message of the show is important because
it is a wake-up call to viewers to remember that politicians are
people, too, and citizens should not be fooled by leaders’ fancy
suits and political jargon. Officials run to the bathroom and curse
when they stub their toes exactly like the rest of us. Just as we
scrutinize celebrities in the entertainment field (and it certainly
seems lines between politics and entertainment are blurring), we
criticize politicians and expect them to uphold a certain standard
at all times. Is this a realistic expectation for our politicians? How
much impact does our attention have on what they reveal and what
they hide? What qualities do we really look for in a candidate? The
parallels between Veep and real-world politics for example, the
episode “Tears,” which is perceived to be a mockery of Hillary
Clinton’s becoming emotional on the campaign trail are obvious
signs that the writers are making fun of the hypocrisy in America’s
political climate. The series plays off of common public distrust of
politicians and satirizes the way people imagine politicians behave
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