in real life. Ironically, it is extremely probable that the writers are
not far off the mark. On the one hand, the similarities between the
show and the current state of the American government is
disheartening because it is a reflection of a society that votes for
political leaders based on image rather than their intellectual
abilities and the true belief that a candidate is capable of running a
country. This pattern of representation demonstrates that some
citizens gravitate toward rhetoric based on what they want to hear
instead of digging more deeply into the content and context of
what is actually being said by the candidates. This duality between
what is appearance and what is substance shows America is a
country that lacks concern for education, credibility, and respect
among elected politicians, which shows it must not be the standard
to which we hold for ourselves. Finally, it is discouraging to find
this proof that those who play by the rules, even when the rules
are unfair, will lose. The silver lining is that anyone really can become
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