Introduction, 1
Section I: Form and Function, pp. 5-66
1. Development Un-arrested: Cancelled Sitcoms Meet
Streaming Services, Max Dosser, 5
2. Never Letting Go: Redefining the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
and What it Means to be Happy, Callie Sartain, 23
3. What the Veep?: Cursing, Contradictions, and American
Politicians, Karoline Summerville, 34
4. Daria: We’re in This Sick, Sad World Together…I
Guess, Elyse Conklin, 50
Section II: Bodies of Resistance, pp, 67-134
5. Shameless Apparel, Jenn St Sume, 67
6. Orange is the New Black: Redefining Gender Roles to
Overcome Homophobia, Corey Washburn, 80
7. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Survivorship and Depictions
of Healing, Samantha Rippetoe, 95
8. Master of None: Unintentional Implicit Messaging as Negation of
Social Agenda. Serena Daya, 106
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