Kima Greggs: Masculinity vs. Femininity
Candis Tate
“Kima Greggs,” from an episode of The Wire
hakima “Kima” Greggs is portrayed as a
groundbreaking character The Wire primarily
because she is a woman of color, she loves
women sexually, and she is one of few women
detectives in the Baltimore Police Department. Kima
expresses both masculine behaviors (qualities
traditionally associated more with men such as: being
strong, breadwinners, protectors) and feminine
behaviors (qualities traditionally associated more with
women such as: sustaining a healthy home life, acting
as family caretakers, and working to satisfy the
demands of their partners in relationships). The Wire
shows Kima’s gender “performance” fluctuating
depending on the space she occupies at a given time,
which adds authenticity and complexity to this role and
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