Cedric Daniels and His Journey
To “Good Police”
Tessa Carro
From "-30-" 5.10 The Wire
ieutenant Cedric Daniels is a very complex
character who grows a lot throughout the course
of The Wire. In “Heroism, Institutions, and the
Police Procedural,” Alasdair McMillan describes
Daniels in contrast to his cohort as, “one of the few
officers in the department able to sustain a
commitment both to real police work and to his career”
(60). Lieutenant Daniel’s perspectives and actions
change drastically from Season One to Season Two of
The Wire. At first, we are introduced to Daniels as a
submissive lieutenant going along with the status quo
of the Baltimore Police Department to advance his
career. As the first season progresses and moves into
the second, Daniels overcomes his obedience to
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