D’Angelo Barksdale: A Living Dichotomy
Iain Dormer
From "All Prologue," 2.06 The Wire
’Angelo “D” Barksdale is one of the central
characters in the Season One and Second Two
of The Wire, and as his journey unfolds, the
dichotomy of “The Game” starts to take its toll on his
conscience. As the nephew of Avon Barksdale, the
leader of the Barksdale crew, D’Angelo is blessed by
nepotism, and it provides him with the chance to
survive where others would normally perish. This
becomes apparent in “The Target,” the pilot episode of
Season One, after D’Angelo manages to beat a murder
rap (1.01). Normally, someone in his position would be
killed or tossed from the crew for his carelessness.
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