Lester Freamon, The Responsible Rogue
Meghan Collins
From: "Late Editions" 5.09 The Wire
ester Freamon serves as a contrasting example
of how corrupt institutions, like the Baltimore
police force in The Wire, are designed to protect
their own reputations and public perceptions rather
than those whom they claim to protect. Lester’s careful
attention to details in his job and wise approach to
police work are what make him “natural police” and
inevitably estrange him from the top tier of police
official, which doesn’t support “good po-lice,” like him.
Lester’s ability to see what others do not, find the
details, and then, make all the pieces fit on the job is
symbolically represented in his hobby. As a fine crafter
of tiny doll furniture, using his special glasses and
natural skills to produce superior work, Lester’s
attention to detail pays off in multiple ways. How Lester
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