The Lost Potential of Wallace
Maddie Langr
From "The Buys," 1.03 The Wire.
ne of the most tragic and heart-wrenching
storylines presented in The Wire is the life and
death of Wallace. As a 16-year-old drug dealer
working in the Pit, Wallace has not necessarily had the
easiest life. As Wallace navigates the drug business,
unique aspects of his personality are revealed, which
set him apart from the rest of the characters on the
show. Viewers can’t help but feel empathy for Wallace
as he tries to escape the game but ultimately gets
drawn back into it and shot (1.12). Wallace’s fatal flaw
of being too soft and kind ultimately results in his death
but is also the most inspiring aspect of his personality.
His story begs questions of the education system and
political structures writ large as viewers question and
wonder how Wallace’s death may have been
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