Omar Little: The Cheese Stands Alone
Christian Miller
From “Middle Ground," 3.11 The Wire”
mar Little is a man recognized by many unique
traits. First, Omar has one of “The Game’s”
most dangerous and perplexing professions:
he’s a stick-up man who robs Baltimore drug dealers.
He is extremely successful while plying his trade and
thrives in Baltimore even though everyone from street-
level dealers to gang kingpins wants his head.
Second, Omar is gay and constantly defies stereotypes
by being a hardnosed vigilante on the street but caring
and nurturing at home. Third, Omar’s legend is
defined, in part, by his appearance: long facial scar,
trench coat, and sawed-off shotgun. Fourth, he lives
by a very strict personal code of ethics, which entails
never harming citizens who aren’t involved in the
Baltimore drug trade. On the streets, however,
perhaps Omar’s most recognizable and fear-inducing
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