Bodie Broadus:
A Loyal Soldier
Connor MacKenize
From "Final Grades," 4.13 The Wire
t is hard to find characters within the world of The
Wire who are not working for their own personal
advancement but, rather, choose to remain loyal to
their institution and its leadership. Yet, situated on the
corners of drug-infested West Baltimore exists a “smart
ass pawn” who is entirely self-aware and recognizes
his place in the world, Bodie Broadus. Throughout
Bodie’s development in The Wire, he is seen as an
intelligent hard-worker who identifies solely with those
who raised him from a young age, members of the
Barksdale drug organization. Like many young men
living in West Baltimore, Bodie’s life is predetermined
for him before he can make any of his own decisions.
Bodie’s mother was killed from addiction when he was
only four-years-old, placing him under the guardianship
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