Frank Sobotka’s Feigned Altruism
Georgia Parent
From "Bad Dreams," 2.11 The Wire
hile critics argue that Frank Sobotka is a
victim of injustice in Baltimore, there is no
one to blame for his demise but Sobotka
himself. Frank Sobotka is a main character during
Season Two, the season when The Wire
predominantly focuses on the docks of Baltimore. He
is the secretary treasurer of the International
Brotherhood of Stevedores at the Baltimore docks. As
treasurer, Sobotka is the union leader and is
responsible for the finances of the union and wellbeing
of the workers. The challenge for Sobotka is that in the
early twent-first century time period when the series is
set, Baltimore’s shipping industry was replacing people
with machines. Due to financial difficulties, Sobotka
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