Nick Sobatka:
Born in the Wrong Generation
Lucas Smith
From "Backwash," 4.07 The Wire
s season two of The Wire shifts its focus from
the inner city to the docks where blue collar
workers labor, the show encourages the
audience to explore a broader issue. While many of
the positive effects of globalization are easily
recognizable in many major cities around the world,
The Wire exposes a different reality faced by the
dockworkers of Baltimore. A stevedore in Local 47,
Nick Sobotka is the nephew of Frank Sobotka, the
union boss. Like Frank, Nick is seen as a well-meaning
man who works hard, but struggles to find a place to fit
in the world that no longer values the type of masculine
activities he was raised to undertake. The father of a
young girl, Nick wishes to provide for his family, but
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