Vondas and The Greek:
The Business vs. The Game
Candis Tate
“Vondas and The Greek,” from an episode of The Wire
n the television series The Wire, viewers are offered
a peek inside of the social, racial, and political
condition of the drug trade in Baltimore, Maryland in
the early 2000s. The series introduces a variety of both
characters and instances that illustrate the
complexities and obstacles that pervade this type of
organized crime. Spiros “Vondas” Vondopolous is
portrayed as The Greek’s second in command, and
The Greek heads a multi-national crime organization.
Vondas is trusted with the responsibility of speaking for
The Greek during drug exchanges and being his eyes
and ears to stave off the police and other major
dealers. In the series, Vondas has few major scenes
or rhetorically significant interactions, but his existence
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